THE SUDANESE-CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF OTTAWA (SCAO) is non-for profit organization registered under Corporations Directorate of industry Canada with # (424342-1-M) as a social activities community based with a membership open to all Sudanese & their spouses, landed immigrants, refugees and students who residing in the NCR who believes in and work towards the following objectives of SCAO: 1. Ppromote and preserve the various Sudanese languages, dialects, cultures, heritage and pass it on to the new generations and the Canadian society at large. 2. Establish and enhance social relations among Sudanese Canadians, immigrants, refugees and students living in NCR. 3. Provide social services for members and their families. 4. Enhance a better understanding of Canadian society, laws and services for a better social integration. 5. Provide diverse social assistance and services to new immigrants, refugees and students and put them in touch with other Sudanese-Canadian families. On July 27, 2002. A set of principals were adopted, By-laws were endorsed and the first Board of Directors was elected by a group of Sudanese women, men and youth in the NCR.

Board of Directors 2018-2020

Niem Elkhir

Wisal Abdulrawf

Mekarim Elmekki

Almustafa Mukhtar

Somaya Gabir

Abdulkarim Ali Bashir

Rasha Mohamed

Yousif Makkawi

Nadia Rahmtalla