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Welcome to SCAO's Good Parenting Campaign Page



Dear parents, scao office is pleased to offer you in co-operation with Pinecrest  Queensway health & Community Center a series of parenting sessions instructed by professionals in the areas of:

positive parenting, discipline, family communication, balancing work and family, children and stress, handling conflict, anger management and many others.

Our intend is to organize individual classes for our community members, so we could be able to address our specific concerns and current problems that we are experiencing every day dealing with our pre-teens & teens in a daily life concepts.

Scao office will appreciate if you e-mail / call one of the office members to confirm topic & date better for you, or to suggest or comment on bellow scheduled topics:

- Anger Management for Parents

- Anger Management for Children
This 5 weeks program will help school aged children who have trouble controlling their anger. Concurrent parents group (Kids accompanied by parents)

- Mini-Mindmaster
Gives parents simple, effective tools to help children master positive-living skills

- Baby Safty
Is your home safe ? What are the hidden dangers? Learn about your kids safty

- How to talk so Kids Will Listen
This is 6 sessions workshop focused on settings limits, engaging cooperation, rules and expectations, problem solving and alternatives to punshment (specific for kids 4 - 9)

- Anti-Bullying
What is bullying? Discover the myths & facts, and how to support your child when dealing with bullies. Come to build your strategy to make your child proactive against bullying

- Raising Happy Healthy Children
Always wondering what is the secret to succeed? Come in to discuss with parents ans support specialists your ways to the success in this feild

- Setting Limits
Every child needs boundaries and limits, learn strategies to set these limits that work for both of you (specific for kids 2-6 years)

To participate in any of above listed topic individually or for more resources on parenting or other available parenting seminars and workshops, please  visit the following links:

- Parent Resource Centre of Ottawa

- Parent Education Calendar

- Available similar parenting workshops

- Pinecrest-Queensway Health and Community Services