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Welcome to The Sudanese-Canadian Association of Ottawa


"A New Dawn in Canada’s Capital For The Sudanese Community. A Community That is Focused, Inclusive, Carring and with a Wider Vision "


Dear fellow Sudanese and friends,

The Sudanese-Canadian Association of Ottawa came into existence on July 27, 2002. A set of principals were adopted, By-laws were endorsed and a Board of Directors was elected by a group of Sudanese women, men and youth. That was the culmination of 8 months of work and dedication undertaken by the Preparatory Committee which consists of 12 volunteers.
Many thanks go to the seven members of the first Board of Directors, whose term just ended, for shouldering the start up and brought many Sudanese together under one roof. You will find the names of the first Board members on this website.
The second Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on October 2003 and a new Board of Directors was elected. You will find the names and a group photograph of the current Board members on this website.

The Board is aware of the Sudanese community expectations and ambitions. The Board also recognizes the challenges and barriers to make the members’ dreams come true. The Board is determined not to fail its community members, and accepts the challenges.
Our community members have given us a road map that would lead to a strong unified Sudanese-Canadian community in the City of Ottawa. We, as the Board of Directors, have been instructed by members that this Association is open for all Sudanese who are interested in joining a non-political non-partisan organization. It is a social body established to help meet its members’ needs for a successful integration in our new Canadian Society.
It has been the opinion and conviction of our members that we have a great deal in common and motivations for unity that overwhelmingly exceed those of segregation. The Board is determined to work along the line with this conviction, and to reflect it over the near future.

Our children, the next Sudanese-Canadian generation, will expect a legacy that we leave behind. They will need to have a successful life in Canada. Their success will appear to be incomplete without a strong sense of who they are, and where they come from. This organization is aimed at achieving that sense of belonging.
The Board of Directors invites you to join us to benefit and enjoy our valuable programs and cultural activities that are tailored to meet our needs.


SCAO Office