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The Ontario 2004 Sudanese-Canadian Soccer Tournament "Soccer for Peace"

Thanks to the Sudanese League in Hamilton for a well done job in this tournament

The tournament's history 

   Started in early 1994, but became more organized and regular since 2000.
 Participants are St. Catherine’s, London ontarion, , Hamilton, Toronto and this year Ottawa joined the list.St. Catherine’s  hosted the final game of 2002 Toronto hosted 2003.This year (2004) the tournament hosyed by Sudanese  League  of  Hamilton. And Because of the issue of War and Peace in Sudan  , and its impact on our  communities activities,  members  of the league in Hamilton decided to call this year tournament; (Soccer for  Peace Tournament)  to promote  the  culture of  peace and develop a new real friendship consepts among all,  and especially among the youth. Each team  paericipant meets twice with the rest of the  participant's list, home and visit games

 Organizing committee(OC):
 Secretaries of Sport from each participating Sudanese-Canadian Community.

 Chair of the OC; Istaz Altag Elamin from St.Catherine   

  My apology to paricipants of the tournament from London Ontario, St. Catherine and Toronto if current set of displayed  pictures does not include some or all of them. I used what I have / passed to me. If you posses any previous pictures of this  tournament, I encourage you to forward them to me so this page could be inclusive.

And these are images we managed to shoot

Please note that, displayed on this page pictures are sample for the event. You could enjoy all by downloading our dynamic inclusive album.

Click here to download a complete "20 MB in size" dynamic photo album covers the final game's  event in Hamilton (Please note that,  this is a comlete multimedia file with music, and will take longer  to download...this is  normal)

The event - Soccer, the game


The event - Soccer, the award


The event - Youth & Kids participation 


 People behind the success


Best Pictures taken at the tournament






Hamilton's kids enjoy the wining goal dance


Discussion on how to win the game